10: October 2016 – Theme: Healing

October 02:

Remember where you have been, remember where you are going. Understand your path, be conscious in your decisions. Be compassionate, be honest, be authentic.

October 03:

Grace lives in the broken places of our souls. Cherish those edges today, for the scars and pain they hold give us our great capacity for love and compassion.

October 04:

Choose Love, choose compassion, choose empathy. Know your anger, your pain, your wounds. Know them, and yet choose Love. This is our calling and our path- will you follow it?

October 05:

Where is your heart today? Does it lie uneasy with the previous day’s mistakes and failings? Let go of that, for today is a new day. Awaken from your reverie, be present in this now, for your heart calls you to be just you- nothing more, nothing less.

October 06:

It ain’t about the house, it’s about the work. This is the work: to change the paradigms of social injustice, to affirm and advocate for the outcast, to be comfortable with the idea of always being uncomfortable – for comfort resides in the house of oppression.

October 07:

Behold the dawning of a new day! The past is past, the future not yet arrived, and all that remains is this now, this place. Be authentic today, your scars visible but not center, your center rooted in your person, your soul singing with the Universe.

October 09:

Discern truth today. The process may lead to an uncomfortable place, but trust the process. Claim the results of that discernment, claim your truth, your place, your presence in this world- and then own that shit.

October 10:

Be well today. Find your joy, revel in it, be at peace. Be well.

October 11: In Honor of National Coming Out Day

On this day of declarations and solidarity, own your truth. All of it – especially the broken parts. Everything in your life has brought you to this place in this now, and while your past has determined who you are, it does not determine who you will become. Be you, authentically, always.

October 12: 

Hear Jewel’s words today:
“We will fight, not out of spite
For someone must stand up for what’s right
Cause where there’s someone who has no voice
There ours shall go singing.”
See injustice today. Fight injustice today. Give voice to the voiceless. Love always, always Love.

October 13:

You are not an island, isolated against the fury of life’s storms. You are a mountain, and your roots connect you to all humanity. You are stronger than you think, for your heart is the heart of all hearts- the heart of the earth.

October 14:

In all of the possibilities that could have been, you are here, in this place, at this time. The Universe awaits your communion, so be bold in your engagement with Her. Do good, love more, and rejoice in the fire of your soul’s dance with the Infinite.

October 15:

The week has been long, the days filled with stress and strife. Take a moment to center yourself today and to forgive your own trespasses, just as you forgive others who trespassed against you. Find renewal in celebration, not condemnation.

October 16:

You are not alone. You are not shouting into the void; for your voice is echoed and joined by all of the Universe. Your voice only seems alone because you do not listen to the songs the Earth sings to you. Listen to those songs today, hear them in your heart.

October 17:

Turn your inner eye to the necessity of growth and change. Find healing in reconciling the past to your present. This is a task for the bold and faint of heart, for the larger your heart, the greater your love for the entire world.

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