In a Galaxy Not That Far Away…

…there was a person who, when looking at the depth and expanse of the Internet, decided to add her voice to the din.  Whether or not this was a good idea is yet to be determined.

The idea and goal of this website to capture the things I would normally place on other websites/journals/blogs/etc and instead place here, as a personal archive for the ages.  With that in mind, here are a few disclaimers:

1.  All work on this site, except where explicitly noted and attributed accordingly, is copyrighted by me.  I reserve all rights to this material, and further reserve and pend all legal actions to seek recompense unless explicitly agreed to… in writing, cosigned by both parties and involving the blood of no less than three lesser demons from the fifth plane of Hell*.

2.  The golden rule applies – don’t be a jerk.  Be kind, rewind, and don’t rely on the presumed anonymity of the Internet to lull you into a false sense of trollity.  You will be mocked mercilessly for such juvenile behaviour.

3.  Still here?  Good.  I’m surprised, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

4.  Um, blah blah blah, disclaimer, disclaimer, legal language, Copernicus, and a rabbit in a hat.  It’s a small grey cabbie hat, why?

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