Beer Review: Rogue Ales Sriracha Hot Stout Beer

A few months back, a friend of mine pointed out to me that Rogue Ales and Spirits was putting out a new beer, trying to cash in on the recent sriracha craze.  Being the spice addict that I am, it immediately went on the “I must try” list.

And I waited. Patiently… and then Fate provided an opportunity in the form of my sister-in-law when we met up at a friend’s house in Madison, WI for a game night.

.Rogue Sriracha Stout

So, over a game of Elder Sign tonight, I consumed (and shared) a bottle of this most novelty-ridden concoction.

Summary verdict:


Now… here’s why I feel that way:

First, it’s a stout. Stouts have a lot of flavour.  There is a reason that Guiness is referred to as a “meal in a can”, and the strength of that flavour almost completely obliterates the spiciness of the sriracha.  The actual stout itself was also a tad odd, as if it had the carbonation level normally associated with a saison or a black IPA.

Second, Sriracha is sharp.  While the (low-ish) heat of the fermented peppers in actual sriracha was present in the stout, the beer itself did not maintain the requisite sharpness.

Third, and most importantly, the beer came to me in a 1pt 9oz (750ml) bottle marked as 5.7%  This is the only size it is sold in.  Regardless, it is a beer, and if you crack the seal on the bottle, the entire thing should be used/consumed to maintain optimal freshness.

So I drank the whole thing (minus the small samples given out to the curious).

FInal verdict:  It appears as a regular dark stout, but has a lighter than expected taste.  The spicyness of the sriracha hits you late, and disappears WAY quicker than one would expect.  The spicyness can build if you drink a more than a mouthful at a time.  Overall, though, it was a bit disappointing – I was expecting something more like capsomel, which is true tasty firestorm in a glass.

For my stomache, you done good.  For my partner, I’m sorry.  For Rogue Ales though, I only have this:

you tried