On Marriage Equality, and the Fight Ahead

As I am sure you are aware, Gentle Readers, the Supreme Court of the United States has declared that marriage is a fundamental and constitutionally protected right for all, regardless of gender.

As expected, people have collectively lost their shit. I know I did, complete with ugly sobbing in the bathroom at work.

Sure, the Right has also collectively lost their shit in the opposite way. They have decried, well, everything as sinful and evil.  The 2016 Republican clown car has also weighed in about the “end of society as we know it” and the “thousands of voters harmed” by the decision. Honestly though, I do not give a fuck, for verily, my field is barren.

In the midst of discussions like the ACA subsidies being upheld, the removal of a racist flag from common view and official usage, the collective grief and outrage over an act of domestic terrorism, and the ongoing struggle for trans folk’s survival, I have found a place of happiness. I have found a place where my wife can no longer be barred from my hospital room, a place where our union is no longer erased because we happen to be the same gender, a place where where love truly rules.

So while we celebrate this monumental victory, let us remember the fight ahead.  The struggle isn’t over just because marriage equality is the settled law of the land, and there is much work yet to do.

But that’s all work that will wait until tomorrow, for tonight I will hold my wife and we will drink deep of the bliss of our love.