Meditation: On This Most Blessed Eve, Some Thoughts

Tomorrow, the wheel turns again and the veil shatters. Ever since Mabon, my thoughts have been on those from whom I have been separated, and those whom my heart would give anything to speak to one more time.

My mother’s parents gave me more than they ever knew, and never had a chance to know the woman I have grown into. Tomorrow night, I honour them.

My father’s parents, long past the veil, their legacy I carry in my blood and in my soul. Tomorrow night, I honour them.

My uncle passed this year from stomach cancer. Tomorrow night, I honour him. Fuck cancer.

My father-in-law passed in April, whose only words to my wife when we told him about my transition were “What did we tell you about unusual relationships?” – as he smiled at me. Tomorrow night, I honour him.

Twenty-three of my sisters have been cruelly and violently taken from us this year. Tomorrow night, I honour them and say their names:
Papi Edwards, Lamia Beard, Ty Underwood, Taja DeJesus, Penny Proud, Kristina Gomez Reinwald, Sumaya Dalmar, Keyshia Blige, Vanessa Santillan, Mya Hall, London Chanel, Mercedes Williamson, Ashton O’Hara, India Clarke, K.C. Haggard, Shade Schuler, Amber Monroe, Kandis Capri, Elisha Walker‍, Tamara Dominguez, Kiesha Jenkins, Marcela Chocobar, Diana Sacayan Flores, Zella Ziona

Cancer has taken the lives of too many of friends’ beloveds, and tomorrow night, I honour them. Fuck cancer.

There is family in the world, family from whom I am not separated by the Veil but separated from me nonetheless:

To my daughter, I have never stopped thinking about you. I hope to one day see you again.
To my extended family, I pray that one day we will reconcile. I both love and cherish your existence.
To my adopted family, now estranged – may you one day know peace. The choice was yours, not mine.

To all of you, separated and close, I honour you. Until we meet again, be blessed.