[Patreon] April Part I: Overview

Holy carp, ya’ll. This was a journey. As I reference before, I traveled through twelve states and over 4200 miles. It was a stunning excursion, and I’ve been thinking about how to properly document it, given the amount of material I have.

I’m going to break it down into several chunks, separating the trip by geography. This post is the overview, and the rest will follow like so:

Part II: The Plains (Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska)
Part III: The Mountains (Colorado and Utah)
Part III: The Desert (Southern Utah, Nevada, and Arizona)
Part IV: The Mesa (New Mexico, Western Texas)
Part V: The South (Texas and Oklahoma)
Part VI: Homeward Bound (Missouri and Illinois)

One thing I found on this journey is that people were very willing to share their stories with me, they just didn’t want to be on camera and insisted on anonymity. I will honour those wishes in my upcoming posts. You’ll still get to hear their stories, just in print. I trust that is okay with ya’ll.

Another thing I found is that I absolutely suck in pre-packing activities. My wonderful wife will be assisting me with that going forward – mostly because I don’t want to forget the air mattress pump again. Hard ground is hard, and sleeping bag is not a good mattress.

Those are minor glitches, and nothing that we can’t correct. The Roadwagon was an amazing trooper for it all, save for replacing a CV axle in Vegas that I will tell you about later. All in all, it was truly an adventure and more posts are coming in the next few days!

May the wind be ever at your back,


(Picture is of a Woodstock, IL sunset, marking the beginning of this written journey.)