[Patreon] August 2016: Mt. Thabor Cemetery

I have always loved cemeteries, and the older they are, the more I like them.

Usually this is because older cemetaries are simpler. No fancy laser-cut, sand-polished, gleaming granite memorials, just simple and well-worn marble reminders of those who came before. These old cemeteries – they are places of peace and solace.

I found one a couple of weeks ago when my wife and I went to look at kittens. Mt. Thabor Cemetery was originally a small Irish Catholic church cemetery, and the land dates back to 1846. Internments generally stopped around 1890, with part of the grounds being used as a children’s cemetery in the 1960’s.

The light looked right tonight, so we made a quick trip over to the cemetery. I was not able to capture the cross that stands in the middle of the grounds, but I did get several good shots of the markers. I, on behalf of the Patreon supporters who make this work possible for me, now present to you the first installment of my side project – The Forgotten Cemeteries of the United States.

Please, enjoy the gallery. If you would like to see more, please consider supporting me over on my Patreon page, and thank you.

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