[Patreon] June 2016: The Great Humbling

My beloved Outback died in June. Rust in pieces, my dear friend.

To be more accurate, it did not so much die as the hydraulic clutch’s throwout bearing failed. Which is a $1000+ repair. It also was nearing the 190,000 mile service interval, needed new struts, and  at least two tires, if not four. When we crunched the numbers, the estimated service costs were over $7000.

Only two and half times what we paid for the car itself. Ouch.

The repair research took a while, but in the end, we decided that we needed something a bit more road-worthy. Over the Fourth of July weekend, we found a new Roadwagon – a 2014 Kia Soul. Certified pre-owned, warranty, blah blah blah.

The Soul is a nice car, but it’s not the Roadwagon. I am an Outback convert, and I will have another one. Someday. Maybe I can find and talk the wife into a Baja. /steeples fingers

So, because I couldn’t take a roadtrip for June, I spent my time wandering around Woodstock. I found a bunch of things I hadn’t quite noticed before, and began to take the camera on my wanderings.

I’ve put together a gallery of photographs from those wanderings to share with ya’ll. Enjoy.

For my Patreon subscribers, any one of this photos can be printed for you in 8×10. If non-subscribers want a print, let me know and we’ll figure out payment.

PS: If anyone from Subaru America happens across this post and my Patreon project, I would love to include a plug for the Outback. I would just need a 2.5i, preferably in Lapis Blue Pearl, and I’ll even shoot in colour to show off the gorgeousness of the car. 🙂