[Poetry] My Broken Heart Bleeds Daggers

My broken heart bleeds daggers
As it quietly weeps ploughshares.
My wounded soul screams crucifixes
As it weepingly murmurs silence.
My broken heart demands vengeance
As it deliberately breathes love.
My broken heart smolders and rumbles
As it gently processes betrayal.
My broken heart is Kali’s heart
Hear her whisperings?
See her many hands upon the wheel of fate?
Feel her insatiable hunger?
My broken heart yearns to let go
To dance in those ecstatic flames
To revel in that forbidden fury
So my broken heart lets go
All the pain
All the rage
All the daggers
My broken heart lets it all go
and my wounded soul rises
My wounded soul will always rise.
My wounded soul will always rise.