[Poetry] Heartbeats

A good while ago, the Divine spoke
(I wish I remembered when)
and I listened.
She spoke to me of Fire, sacred fire,
tears of chaos laid upon the grave of rebirth,
A holy burnt offering
of Herself
to Herself.

A good while ago, the Divine spoke to me,
and i listened.
(i wish i could remember when)
She spoke a Word, a mighty trumpet to my Jericho
(how my heart bleeds
(for those sandals left in the dust
(silent gravemarkers for a stilled soul)

A good while ago, the Divine sang (me to sleep)
and i cried
(baby tears of forgotten dreams
(crocodile tears of remorse and repentance)

[i am sorry, i should have warned You]
[that this poem has no happy ending]

Her song measured in heartbeats and blood and gumption and love and bootstraps and and and and and something did something to something…
(oh how I wish I could remember)
(oh how i wish that song would be sung again)
(oh how I wish I remembered how to hear)
(oh how Her silence hurts)

(Base charcoal design is by Deborah Koff-Chapin)