[Poetry] spiritu fide

i served communion the other day.
my brokenness broken like the bread
my soul poured out, a covenant to myself to feel
(this is the body of christ, take and eat)
(this is the blood of the new covenant, poured out for you)

it’s not that i am Divine, i am not.
i may be made of stardust, but i am not Divine.
i am human, flawed, broken, ragged, used up—
just like you.
(wherever you gather together do this in remembrance of not-Me)

so when the Divine spoke to me from silence
when Her song rattled my dry valley
i stood in awe
(take this and eat, be refreshed)
knowing that this was the night I was to be given over to betrayal
(it is finished——
(consummatum est——
(זה נגמר——
faith without works is dead. Hail Discordia.
the rock is not rolled away
the tomb is not empty
the tomb is not full
the tomb is…. the tomb.

salvation in a bottle
sanctification in oblivion
divinity in destruction
(take this and eat
(do this in remembrance of Me

—-this is my body, broken for you—-
—-this is my blood, poured out for you—-
for you.
for you.
for you.
…for Me.) Resurrection.