[poetry] a most holy communion

god be with you. 

She speaks. allelu, allelu, allelu.
She sings. allelu, allelu, allelu.
holy shit. allelu, allelu, allelu.

lift up your hearts.

oh, how could I do anything but listen?
there is no song,
no plaintive cry,
no joyful noise left in these dusty chambers.
give glory, allelu, allelu, allelu.

let us give thanks to god.

the valley is afire, the bones are rattlin’,

the foxes finally have holes
o give glory, the circle is finally broken
give glory, allelu, allelu, allelu

for on the night
jesus was betrayed,
he took bread
and after he blessed it,
he broke it, saying

it didn’t snap like i thought it would
no crisp satisfying separation of halves
surprising. i really thought it would snap.
a centurion would have known better, i suppose
wonder if i can find one at a sca event?

“this is my body, take and eat.
do this in remembrance of me”

i said the words, i tore the bread, i broke the body of christ
not for the first time, that was a long time ago
what i can’t remember now is if i broke the body of christ
or if the body of christ broke me.
[it’s probably a moot point, really]
this time, it is all different
this time i did it.
ain’t no grave gonna take that away
give glory, allelu, allelu, allelu.

then he took the cup,
blessed it, and said
“this is my blood,
the blood of the new covenant,
take and drink

is it grape juice?
is it wine?
is it air?
does it matter?
[spoiler: i don’t think She gives a shit]
god doesn’t care about whether the cup has wine or juice or water or air
She only cares that we remember that this table is a radical table of radical welcome
give glory, allelu, allelu, allelu.

hey st. iggy, now i get it. i got you, bro.
let’s go set some shit on fire.

do this in remembrance of me.”

Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.
come get some motherfuckers
come get some.

give glory, allelu, allelu, allelu.