[poetry] cursing god

i cursed god on saturday
and She laughed.
so i cursed louder
and She laughed more.
so i cursed more creatively
inventing new ways to say the old things
twisting words on my barbed teeth
poison dripping from my tongue
and it was good
it was so very very good.
That’s what She said when She stopped laughing
“o child of mine,” she said.
“o child of mine that Thou wouldst see
“and remember that it is not I you should curse
“but Thee.”
I cursed Her louder.
She laughed harder.
“go ahead, get it out, curse me as much as you need
“Love only happens when you decide to be”
and so i cursed louder
and then i wept deeper
so i could hope higher.
now i dream brighter:
so curse god, my beloveds
curse god
get the rage out
the only way out is through.