July 2016 – Theme: Caring for One’s Self

18 July 2016

Take a moment today and find your flame. Cradle it, nourish it, feed it with peace. Breathe in hope, breathe out love. Pass it on, be the change you wish to see in the world.

19 July 2016

Breathe. Whatever this day brings you, breathe. Cherish the peace you create by breathing, cherish the fleeting moments of serenity, cherish the act of breathing. You’ve got this, whatever it may be. Breathe.

20 July 2016

Be quiet today. Be bold, but be quiet. Be vulnerable, trust the brokenness in your soul. Be soft, be yielding. Be still. Be love. Breathe. Be the person you are, not the person you once were. Be the person you are becoming, be true to you.

21 July 2016

Take time for yourself today. Take a bath, take a walk, have a treat. Breathe. Find joy in yourself, find joy in the world. Be kind, be well.

22 July 2016

The dash on a tombstone marks the space where we live. Today, focus on that dash. Focus on being the best version of you that you can envision. Breathe, ask for help, reach out to a friend, affirm the broken, love the world, set it ablaze with your passion, breathe. Be present, be here, be well, just… be

23 July 2016

Search your heart, find a piece of yourself that is raw, broken, sharp. Hold it. It will be painful, but hold it anyway. Open a dialogue with it, touch it, forgive it, love it. See how it has made you who you are today. Understand how you can use it to be better tomorrow.

24 July 2016

I am so close, I may look distant. So completely mixed with you, I may look separate. So out in the open, I appear hidden. So silent, because I am constantly talking with you.
~ Rumi

25 July 2016

Connect with a friend today. New or old, near or far – connect. While there is solace in solitude, there is also comfort in our fellow humans. Connect, console, cheer. Celebrate existence today.

26 July 2016

Be excellent to each other. There is far too much fear, hatred, violence, anger, rage, and distrust in the world to be anything but. Bill Withers says it better than I ever could.

27 July 2016

Be silent. No really – be silent. Political vitriol is breaking our beloved communities along imaginary lines of ideological purity. Instead, focus on the injustices faced by people of colour. Focus on the injustices inflicted on the transgender community. Focus on equal access for the disabled. Focus on doing something good for the world. Focus on love.

28 July 2016

Build unity, not division. Build empathy, not apathy. Build compassion, not intolerance. Build community, not isolation. Be silent, listen. Yes, all of us. Our individual voice is but one in a multitude, and ability to yield space allows others to fill it – and for all of us to learn something in the process.

29 July 2016

Listen to yourself today. Rest if you can, dance if you desire, work if you must. Breathe. Center, ground, and listen to your heart- there is time enough later for the world and its demands.

30 July 2016

Today is another day for work. Some of the work is hard, some of it is easy. Some of it is necessary, some of it is voluntary. Some of it is out in our communities, some of it is in our hearts with our soul. Quality matters, not quantity. Do good work today, however and wherever you can.

31 July 2016

Be grateful today for compassion, for community, for connection. Be grateful for passion, for struggle, for the search of belief in action. Be grateful for the opportunity to do the work to balance the scales of Justice. Be grateful today for your dash.