September 2016 – Theme: Presence

September 01:

Disconnect today. Separate yourself from the ceaseless noise of modern life and enter into communion with your soul. Be one with the universe, for from the universe you came, to the universe you’ll return, and it is the universe that you hold within

September 04:

Claim your space today. Demand yourself to be present, to be seen, to be loud. Do not fear emotion, embrace it, dance in the fire of your spirit.

September 06:

Every day brings unexpected fortune and misery. Look for the positive, hold it as you negotiate the negative. Be balance, draw strength from light- however you may find it.

September 08:

From time to time, we all have plans we reluctantly set aside. Sometimes this is due to logistics, or times personal bandwidth. For whatever the reasons today’s plans were set aside, take time for yourself. Self-care is one of our greatest needs, and one of the quickest we ignore.

September 09:

Find your people, your community, your solidarity in support found only in allowing yourself to be held as you hold others. Trust the hidden rivers of your heart, trust in that mutual covenant of love and affirmation.

September 10:

I will be intentional today in thought, word, and deed. I will be present today, affirming the value and worth of all who cross my path. I will be that which I wish to see in the world, I will be Love in Motion.

September 11:

Be hard, and yield to the waves. Be steadfast, yet compassionate. Be righteous anger, yet fluid grace. Love the hell out of this world, even when you want to burn it to the ground.

September 12:

A #dailyreflection today for our roots, for the lineages we call our own, for our individual and unique stories. For the ancestral calling to embody all that our creeds promise, in order that we might be the change we wish to see in the world.

September 13:

Being “strong enough” to manage stress with grace is one of the great lies of our modern society. We must affirm ourselves for knowing our own limits and ask for help, because community runs both ways. Trust yours.

September 14:

Never discount the strength of your vulnerability, nor the transformative grace found in celebrating your fragility. Revel in your broken edges, wear them down through your ecstatic dance with the Universe. Be the magnificent soul you are, trust that we see through the cracks; for we are your community, and you are ours.

September 15:

Seminary Journal, Day Something: Things beautiful I hold in my heart:

The deliberate intention of bringing my penitential self to the centre of a labyrinth,
The shiver caused by the first of the cool Autumn winds blowing across my cheek,
The ends of my hair lifting and falling in those gentle breaths,
The shimmering reflections of the moon through airplane exhaust trails,
The movement of shadows cast by the moon as it tracks across the night sky,
The smell of sweetgrass and oak trees and maple trees and sand and water and cut grass as I breathe it all in and let it all go,
Rejoicing in the ineffable connection of my soul singing with the Universe
The feelings of completeness and inescapable grace for being here, now, and in this place
Trusting the process- for I did not make it, but it is making me, and I believe in it.
The cold left by my tears evaporating in the night air.
Being refreshed and renewed by the gentle reminder that I am held by love as much as I hold others in love,
That I am blessed,
That I am blessed to be here,
That I am blessed to be here today.

September 17:

Every day we make a decision: to be the best person we can be for that day, or not. It is okay that the decision is harder to make on some days, because what is important is _making_ that decision. Intention causes movement, and our Movements must be intentional if they are to be influential.

September 21: 

On this morning’s “On Being”, Krista Tippett interviewed Ms. Ruby Sales. This quote hit me like a truck: “I think that one of the things that theologies must have is hindsight, insight, and foresight. That is complete sight. And I think that fragmentation really shatters that sight, and it says that it’s not an “I” sight, it’s a “we” sight.”

As I reflect on the entire program, I wonder whether or not we are approaching a/theology properly. If our theology is a theology of liberation, affirmation, and validation, then this is where we are beginning to do the healing work of extrication.

Ask yourself this today: “Where does it hurt?” Ask another today: “Where does it hurt?” Build community with intention, build community of affirmation. Build a community where the outcast weeps- build a community rooted in Love.

September 22: 

Do not listen to idle gossip when you are hurting with the sting of betrayal. Do not obsess over which hand held the knife; instead seek out the injustice and demand better. We are petty, bitter creatures who are not defined by our baser needs for retribution and vengeance; but rather our capacity for love and healing. To be better, fail better.

September 26:

Celebrate yourself today. Your generous heart contains unimaginable oceans of love. Your passionate soul gives rise to your dreams, and it provides the fire to your commitments to live true. Celebrate yourself today, for you are the universe in ecstatic motion. (adapted from Rumi)

September 27:

Rest is often something we neglect. Take time today to rest, to recharge, to breathe. Find your center, connect with the Divine of your understanding, be at peace. Listen to the whispers of your soul.

September 28:

Today is a new day. Yesterday’s triumphs and mistakes are behind you, and tomorrow’s are yet to be formed. Be present, experience the world as it is and not as you believe it to be. Be kind to one another, fight for justice, be the change we need to see in the world.

September 29:

Sometimes you are the star of the story, sometimes you are the NPC. Discerning which is the challenge, but there is reward in the practice. Be conscious, be kind, be vigilant, be aware.